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about a girl.


1 November 10

sup! i love the movie the hangover. i love the tiger song. i like phil or allen the most. any one else like the hangover. bye homie g.

Posted: 8:06 AM

sup! yo i have to go to school and i’m so tired. i hate going too school tired

30 October 10


i love going on vacation. anyone else like to. well of course i do!

Posted: 10:22 PM


i am like so oh my god. i just got new shoes. i am so happy! i am like the shoe queen in this place.

Posted: 10:18 PM

hi i’m back

i’m glad i’m back on again. i hope i have more people following me.

6 January 10


i would like to thank the people who are watching my posts. the next time i post i will tell more facts about the beatles.

5 January 10

hi … again

the beatles made many albums.none of there songs are bad.they have already made a movie.there is John,Paul,George,Ringo.the beatleswere veary clever.they used there imagination alot. they are also veary funny.  i just wanted to tell you facts about the beatles.

1 January 10


yo. im going to be talking about the beatles.most peaple dont know about them.they are going to be rediscovered soon.they are a really great band but,only half of them are alive.

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